Monday, July 19, 2010

Installation of electric motor with bore well!!!!


As mentioned previously, the problem of the existing borewell not working with the electric motor installed for drawing the water was taking too much time to be solved. We were always thinking that the reasons for such a long delay in getting this resolved will be known only best to HIM.

Today, HE possibly wanted to highlight those reasons to us!!!

Firstly, the initial bore well that was dug out in the site last year around Sep time frame was for around 250ft. on the fear that even though water was available at around 30-35 ft. what will happen if the water table receeded much below? However, after doing this digging to around 250 feet and laying the pipe, we just thought that the filter for the bore can be just dropped to just 50 feet and not to be dropped for the entire 250 ft. This proved to be the problem(?) now since the loose mud which was prevailing in that area had gone under to a height of 250 ft from around 50 ft. below the ground level. This made the pipes laid down till 250ft not removable inspite of best efforts with different types of complex machines. We realised that all these were deliberate happenings which were created by HIM for some specific reasons....

Thinking back, the reasons were very logical... The water that was getting drawn out from 250ft was a little sour and had a little salt content - just as it was expected to be from that level. However, HE seemed to be disliking that and wanted better quality water available much closer to the ground level both for the temple construction as well as to be used subsequently within temple. And lo and behold! The water quality that was coming up at this level was much superior and sweeter to taste.... And HE made sure that the 250ft. bore well that was dug out got reduced effectively to 50ft. alone to meet this objective.

Who can understand all the plays that are produced and directed by HIM in which we are all small time actors playing our individual roles!!!!

Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu

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  1. Dear Raju mama,
    I have read all your posts from 2008 and learned of all the hardships you have gone through beginning from obtaining the land through now. We sincerely hope and pray that things fall into place and your dream of a temple,an old age home and more are realized.
    Our best wishes and support will always be there.