Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Signs of first construction!!!

Yesterday, had been on a visit to the site since the construction was started around a week back with the initial steps getting done for laying the foundations of the rear portion of the temple area - temple goshala, office, store room, madapalli etc. as well as the workers sheds...

Last week was a little ominous one with too much of negative signs - since the fields were agricultural fields, one of the workers when cleaning was bitten by a scorpion and had to be rushed to the hospital for immediate first aid treatment, another worker had to kill a snake since it came dangerously close to him and he then cremated the killed snake, the engineer who was kind enough to volunteer his services on a honarary basis fell down from a bus unfortunately with bruises on his leg and was advised rest by doctors .... and it went on and on .... Added to all this, the continous unseasonal rains which Tamil Nadu was subjected throughout last week introduced its own problems where rework had to be done for some of the activities and the vehicles that was used for transferring the raw materials were getting stuck and going under in the slushy areas.

But, for someone who has been a regular reader of this blog would know, that Sri Guru Rayar had been showing his invisible hand in resolving much more bigger and complex issues on this project site, he obviously didn't fail in doing the same this time too. Things started to get changed this week with the rains also getting stopped things are slowly seeming to fall in place now. Most of the raw materials have landed on the site with the initial work starting on the rear end of the temple area. The current plan is to start the construction of the goshala, temple office, store room, madapalli portion along with the foundation of the main sannidanam (sanctum sanctorum) starting from next month. The workers shed has been laid and is currently getting ready for occupation by the workers working in the project.

But the most important issue that has got resolved is to set right the electric motor which just konked off last week and the water to start flowing with the maximum possible force. Water is an essential raw material ingredient for the construction and this problem was lingering in our minds for a long time and it was successfully resolved by HIS grace and guidance.

Please take a look at some of the small video images that was captured for different purposes (IMP NOTE: Please note that these were taken by a very amateurish video recorder from a mobile phone and might not look very professional. These are stored only for posterity reasons to look back after 10 or 20 years for the mental satisfaction of playing a role of a small player to see this growing from barren land to a monumental structure as an institution promoting the principles of Sri Guru Raghavendrar!)

a) Construction progress as of 20-Sep-10:


b) The first flowers that has started booming on the site:


c) The water flow increases from the newly erected electric motor on this site that would hopefully solve the water requirements of the construction purposes:


Praying to Sri Hari, Vayu and Guru Rayar to continue their blessings on this project,

Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu

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