Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Foundation for temple area work started!!!!


The last few weeks progress has been a little slow owing to the frequent rains that we were experiencing as well as owing to the Ayudha Pooja holidays that was there. The issue that we were facing earlier about the trucks carrying the materials getting stuck in the slushy roads seems to have been resolved now by having around 15 loads of a specific type of mud (with stones) laid on the mud road. This has helped us to mitigate the problem of materials not being able to reach the site. This is another of the issues that rose its head which got solved by the grace of Sri Guru Raghavendrar. This became a very critical roadblock - the materials were not able to be delivered in the site which led to more delays in the work to get completed in phases.... At the same time that this was happening on the site, a lot of personal hardships came in one after the other only to for each of them to get resolved automatically in a few days.... We took all these events as a test of our resolve which was given to us for seeing how resolute we are in our intention to continue on this activity. Again as always, after giving us the 'test', HE also did the 'invigilation duty' to guide us and ensured that we 'passed the test' at a minimum even if not with 'flying colors'!!!!

The marking for the foundation for the temple has been laid down with the foundation work currently going on. A small video of the markings that has been made for the foundation of the main temple is available at the following link:


Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamastu

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